At Glazer & Associates, P.C., we emphasize civil litigation, particularly personal injury, wrongful death and divorce cases. Because we focus on what we know well, there are some legal matters Glazer & Associates, P.C. doesn't handle. We choose not to defend drunk drivers, for example, and we will refer bankruptcy, criminal, securities, and other matters we don't handle to attorneys who do. If you are unsure about whether we handle specific types of problems, please ask us.

Personal Injury Claims
Have you been in an accident? Do you have questions about what to do?

The following resources provide answers to frequently asked questions:
The Goals: Compensation and Deterrence
When May Compensation Be Recovered?
Kinds of Damages
What Are Punitive Damages?
What If the Injured Person Was Partly At Fault?
The Role of Insurance
What Is P.I.P. Insurance?
What If the Wrongdoer Doesn't Have Insurance?
How Much Is My Case Worth?
It Is Very Important to Act Now
Who Is Peter Glazer?
What Kind of Cases Has the Firm Handled?
A Word About Fees
What Is My Next Step?
HIRING A LAWYER AFTER INJURY OR DEATH (reprinted from a MADD brochure)
Is the lawyer experienced in personal injury/wrongful death cases?
Is the lawyer willing, from the beginning of the case, to participate in both the criminal and the civil proceedings?
Is the lawyer willing to go to trial?
Does the lawyer defend drunk drivers?
Is the lawyer part of the solution?
Can the lawyer show you how he or she has settled some previous cases?
What about attorney fees?
What about litigation costs?
Estimating Costs in a Divorce -- based on Peter Glazer's handout
Oregon Child Support Calculator
Child Support/Spousal Support (Uniform Support Affidavit)

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